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The Copper Etchings

The work presented is a collection of musical instruments. They are for sale in the city of  Québec on the Rue de Trésor from May until the end of October. In Montréal, you can find these etchings at the Salon des métiers d'art in December and also on the online boutique anytime.​ They are also available in the color of your choice with a variety of dimensions . The embossing on each art piece are the soul of the music instrument for the artist. Each piece is numbered in a limited edition.

The Technique


The art of copper etching "eau-forte technique" demands time and precision. It consists in drawing the subject, using a fine point, uncovering the plate underneath the protective varnish. Then the plate soaks successively in an acid solution to be etched at different levels in order to acquire depth.The fine textures on the plate surface are obtained with the aquatint technique which use rosin dust (resin) baked as a varnish on the plate. The embossing is created by carving into polymer.The colors (oil inks) are aplied on the plate one at a time and the impressions of the limited editions are realized on a manual press where the 300 grams cotton paper (neutral PH) will answer to an important pressure.


The Artist

Having the opportunity to dawn in a region favorable to the birth of artists, the Saguenay area, Francine completed a four-year study at college classique, majoring in visual arts.

Then followed a three year mandate at Radio-Canada where she devoted herself to musical research while pursuing violin studies under the guidance of Madam Maria Hasman. What more surprising now, that one can see her since almost two decades, melting music to her painting, in a full range of musical instruments and poetic themes.

May these themes enchant you and reveal to you, from the depths of your dwelling, your own symphony!

Louise Haudegand


Francine Desbiens


Francine Desbiens


Artiste passionnée travaillant 
les eaux-fortes depuis près de 30 ans.
Elle vous offre une collection
d'instruments de musique, une touche d'harmonie dans votre demeure.