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Piano art gravure sur cuivre Concerto de Québec
Clarinette Piano Mini-7561_edited
Hautbois Pt-7502_edited
Violoncelle Double Moy-7416_edited_edited
Trombone basse Pt-7585_edited
Hammig Piccolo Pt-7495_edited
Partition Pt-7582_edited
Trompette Pt-7451_edited
Batterie Bleue Pt-7440_edited
Violon-Piano Pt-7531_edited


Clarinette art gravure sur cuivre

Mike & Karen

I finally got it mounted, framed, and hung on the wall.  I can see it when I sit and play the piano.  
It is a very beautiful piece of art that I will treasure.  It will always remind me of Quebec and you.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.


When I was in Quebec I bought a wonderful art piece from you.

On a daily basis, I feel happy to see it.

Joy Noble

I received my piano etching in perfect condition thanks to your 

excellent package!  Also, I received the receipt today.  Thank you for getting this to me...I love it, and I took it to get framed this afternoon in the special piano keys frame.  

Best to you from your friend in Texas


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